Brake Parts Kit

Parts Included

Quantity Description
1 2" Belting 30" long (25/50 LB Kit) or 2.5" Belting 36" long (100 LB Kit)
1 Bell crank assembly with zerk
3 5/16" Clevis, pins and nuts
1 5/16" x 4" threaded rod for adjustable side
1 5/16" x 8" threaded rod for making tread link rod
3 1/8" belt clamp plates, one threaded and two unthreaded
8 10-24 x 1/2" SHCS for belt clamp plates

Finished Photo Examples

Not all parts shown below are inlcuded in the kit. These photo's are intended to show what has to be done with the unviversal parts kit. This kit is not a bolt-on, ready-to-install brake.

Brake Rod A

Brake Rod B

Brake Pivot Side

Brake Fixed Side