Little Giant Rebuilding DVD

The "Little Giant Rebuilding" DVD includes three and a half hours of professionally filmed and edited footage of Sid rebuilding a 25 LB Little Giant, step-by-step. Repairs of individual components are covered, as well as rebabbitting, assembling and adjusting. This two-DVD set of instructional video for $95.00.

Disk One

  • Intro and History
  • Safety
  • Nomenclature
  • Evaluation
  • Disassembly
  • Different Styles
  • Repair of Parts
  • Pouring Babbitt Bearings
  • Pouring Lower Bearings
  • Pouring Upper Bearings
  • Trim Bearings

Disk Two

  • Pouring Babbitt for Clutch Pulley
  • Cleaning
  • Shaft Assembly
  • Reline Clutch
  • Painting
  • Repaired and New Parts
  • Assembly of Hammer
  • Proper Spring Adjustment
  • Additional Information
  • New Style Hammer
  • Final Remarks