Love Little Giant Power Hammers? We have a wide variety of T-shirts available!

Sample T-shirts are pictured below, but you are not limited to those Color/Design combinations.
To order a T-shirt, you'll need to:

  1. Pick the shirt Color - Wine, Black, Purple, Gray, etc.
  2. Pick the shirt Design - LGGG, LGG, LGP, LGGWG, LGB
  3. Pick the shirt Size - Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL
  4. Call 1-402-873-6603 to Check Availability and Place your Order!


Item: Wine - LGGG
Item: Black - LGGG
Item: Purple - LGG
Item: Gray - LGGG
Item: Charcoal - LGG
Item: Ash - LGP
Item: Teal - LGGWG
Item: Red - LGB
Item: Rust - LGGG
Item: Black - LGGWG


Size Price
Small $16
Medium $16
Large $16
XL $16
2XL $18